SugarCRM vs – The Facts – Part 3 – Customisation

Introduction As SugarCRM celebrates its 10th birthday, over a decade of innovation has lead to the product becoming a major player in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) space. Indeed, Gartner now ranks the product in the “Visionary” quadrant (details here). As someone who has kept a close eye on the product over that time, and who runs a company dedicated to supplying and servicing SugarCRM, I have watched the product mature and gain huge ground on its closest competitor – So what exactly are the differences between Sugar and SalesForce? Well, funnily enough, the main differentiators are the same now as they’ve always been – price, control andflexibility. But with the release towards the end of 2013 of Sugar 7, we can now add one more item to that list –usability. I’ve already covered the differences in how the two platforms manage your data in my previous post (SugarCRM vs – The Facts – Part 1 – Data) and I’ve covered the difference in cost in part 2 of this series (SugarCRM vs – The Facts – Part 2 – Cost) This post deals with how easily you can tailor each system to your own needs. Why Customise? Your business is unique. So, it stands to reason that you’ll want your own CRM to hold different information to another business. At the very least you’ll define your sales stages differently, or the sectors into which you segment your customers. It is highly likely that when you first start up your shiny new CRM system you’re going to want to rename a few labels, change some drop-down...[Read in Full]