Scanning Business Cards into Sugar

It’s still one of the biggest barriers to CRM adoption – nobody likes typing in information if they don’t have to. It often takes more time than it should and is prone to human error. As a result, information gets locked away in silos such as ‘the inbox’, the ‘conference attendee list’ and the ‘drawer full of business cards’. Of course, this means that the business loses sight of these valuable prospects – just when a relationship was beginning to develop. Business Card Scanning Machines A few years ago, business card scanning machines were all the rage. Drop in a stack of business cards and the machine will churn out a comma separated file ready to import into your SugarCRM system. This is great in theory but in reality, companies rarely issue each and every employee a card scanner. Sales  people won’t usually want to pass that stack of fresh business cards over to someone else to process after a successful conference exhibition. There must be an easier way to get business card information promptly into Sugar? There is and,  as the saying goes, there’s an app for that. SugarCRM Business Card App I confess that even as a Sugar reseller and a big CRM evangelist, the one thing that really irks me about all CRM solutions is how long it takes to copy information from either a business card, a spreadsheet row or an email signature and turn it into a populated lead in the CRM. The amount of time wasted tabbing back and forth copying and pasting is ridiculous. If you’ve got 10,000 contact records in your CRM and it...[Read in Full]