Streamline Processes With Sugar Workflow

Sugar Workflow allows you to streamline and automate your common business processes. For example, you can implement rules to control formal sales processes, manage discount approvals, triage customer service calls, and much more.

Sugar Professional includes basic Workflow features. These allow configuration of basic business rule to trigger assignment and automated status updates.

In Enterprise edition and above, the advanced Process Author makes building even the most demanding business workflow processes simple – with a powerful, graphical, drag-and-drop interface.

Workflow Process Manager with Sugar by SugarCRM
Business Process Modelling with Sugar by SugarCRM

Enterprise Grade Workflow BPM

Create reusable multi-stepped, multi-branched business rules, set compound logical and mathematical conditions and model using BPM standards. One of Process Author’s most unique benefits is that it allows human interaction in the form of decision making. A business process will often require an approval or other evaluation by a team member. Using processes, Sugar can prompt the appropriate user to make that decision and then continue automated processing.

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