Fuel Your Sales Engine With Sugar

Sugar ensures that every member of your sales team has access to the tools and information that they need to work effectively. It helps to shorten sales cycles, increase deal conversion rates and maximise the value of each and every sales opportunity. With a fast and easy to use interface available on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, your sales team will gain a solution that they want to use, wherever they are.

Faster Lead Reaction

Today’s customers expect a rapid response – they’ve already performed most of their research via your website so, when they do reach out, they are often ready to buy. In fact, leading research by InsideSales.com shows that if you can respond to an enquiry within five minutes then you are nine times more likely to win the sale.

Sugar delivers leads to the sales person – fast. Web-to-lead integration connects your website enquiry form directly to the CRM. Workflow routing rules can then assign the enquiry to the most appropriate sales person. Sales can then react with the best possible chance of reaching the prospect before they’ve taken their custom to your competitors.

Better Qualification and Discovery

Sugar provides the flexibility to configure system screens to capture and display the information that’s important to your unique sales process. Effective activity management helps to ensure that the first call or meeting is focused on understanding the customer and positioning your product or service to meet their need.

Follow up tasks and activities can easily be recorded and synchronised to the calendar with reminder notifications as they become due. And if you have a subscription to a third party data service such as such as Dun & Bradstreet™, Creditsafe™ or Leadforensics™ then information about the customer can be automatically enriched with just a mouse click.

Sugar ensures that your sales people have all of the information that they need to work effectively and that increases the chance of winning the sale.

Focused Opportunity Management

Once a prospect is in the sales funnel, Sugar provides a range of features to help drive the opportunity forward. Intuitive visualisations promote the opportunities that require focus, whilst tracking sales progress against target. Workflow rules can drive a consistent approach. Collaboration features allow the team to work collectively.

Dashboard KPIs and deep reporting tools allow sales managers to keep on top of the entire sales operation and mean that sales pipeline meetings can now focus on discussing those opportunities that will make a difference to the bottom line.

Accurate Quoting and Contracts

Sugar allows the sales team to rapidly produce quotes and contracts. A product catalogue helps ensure accurate quoting and a controlled and consistent approach to discounting. PDF generation allows quotes and contracts to be generated at the click of a button, with accurate customer details embedded.

If you use an electronic document signature service such as Docusign™, then seamless integration can get the quote or contract off to the client in seconds.

Easier Mobile Access

Studies show that providing mobile access to the CRM, from tablet or smartphone, can increase sales effectiveness by up to 15%.

Sugar provides dedicated iOS or Android apps for mobile devices. The interface also adapts for use through the browser on other mobile devices.

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