Gain Insight with Sugar Reports

Sugar allows users to build, generate, and manage insightful reports and dashboard charts. Reporting is a valuable tool in Sugar – allowing users to gather key data from various parts of the system to collate and summarise vital information about how the team or the business as a whole is performing.

In Professional Edition, Sugar’s reporting allows users to base reports on a set of useful templates, add filtering, grouping, summation, sort ordering and more. Results may be exported to Excel or scheduled to run automatically, delivering regular results via email.

Dashboard Reports with Sugar by SugarCRM
Intelligence and Analytics with Sugar by SugarCRM

Keep Up-To-Date with KPI Dashboards

Sugar allows charts to be incorporated live on either the home page dashboards or within the intelligence panes throughout the system. Each user may configure their own dashboard layouts, ensuring that they have their finger on the pulse with information that is relevant to them. So, sales can focus on their sales targets, the number of calls or meetings being held, the amount of revenue being generated, whilst marketing can focus on the click through rate of various campaigns, and support can focus on the number of open issues.

Forecast Accurately

Sugar allows sales targets to be assigned to each sales person and then generates forecast against target automatically. See at a glance whether you’re going to hit target and work out which deals need focus to get you there.

Sales Forecasting with Sugar by SugarCRM
Data Integration with Sugar by SugarCRM

Advanced Sugar SQL Reporting

In Enterprise Edition and above, you can go beyond Sugar’s standard reporting templates and enter your own custom SQL queries and views to create advanced reports and sub-reports. Sugar can also be integrated with your own Business Information or Data Warehouse system for additional reporting and visualisation options.

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