Sugar – The Flexible Platform

Sugar enables administrators and developers to create powerful business processes quickly and easily. Add your own custom fields, modify every system drop-down, define, control and modify layouts using simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Simple yet powerful workflow tools give users the ability to create and enforce business rules. In Enterprise Edition and above, the drag-and-drop Process Author allows visual design of complex business processes.

A complete customisation framework allows the solution to be extended and integrated, using the most common web development technologies available.

In short, you can adapt the application to suit your business rather than changing your business just to support the application.

Dashboard Editing with Sugar by SugarCRM
Using Sugar as an Integration Platform

A Platform to Integrate and Extend

Sugar can be connected to scores of other best-of-breed systems. Integrate email solutions and desk-top applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook. Connect Sugar to your marketing automation platform, business information solution, data warehouse system, ERP, finance package and more. Software vendors recognise Sugar as an innovative and flexible solution and often provide a connector which can be installed in a few clicks, whilst a whole ecosystem of third party developers are publishing apps to provide additional features and increase the range of systems with which Sugar can communicate.

Powerful System Administration

Sugar provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for easy configuration, allowing you to create custom, calculated, dependent, and related fields, as well as building custom modules or installing modules others have built.

You can secure and protect information based on user role and profile and share and add additional modules based on your company needs.

Powerful Administration with Sugar by SugarCRM

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