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Research shows that sales people can be up to 15% more productive when provided with mobile access to CRM. The reasons are simple – sales people often spend their time on the road – so having access to customer data wherever they are can be essential for following up on that new enquiry quickly or for checking what was last said with the customer.

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SugarCRM’s mobile apps support iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android devices (tablet and smart phone). They can be configured to show just the information that is important to see when out and about. For other devices, such as Windows Phone or Blackberry, Sugar’s desktop interface will adapt to suit the devices browser.

Sugar Mobile by SugarCRM
Sugar Tablet by SugarCRM
Now you can find your way to that important meeting using built in mapping integrations, capture images of products using camera integration, write up your meeting notes on the journey home and even work on the plane using off-line mode.

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