Segment and Nurture with Sugar Marketing

Research shows that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads; whilst 30% of marketers say that having disparate data sources is the main reason why they can’t glean useful insights from customer data.

Sugar collects all of your customer data into one place and delivers a 360º view of each one. Segment your data by parameters that suit your business. Then, nurture your leads with highly targeted campaigns either using built-in marketing tools or connection to popular e-Marketing and Marketing Automation solutions.

Marketing with Sugar by SugarCRM
Marketing Campaign with Sugar by SugarCRM

Straight Forward Campaign Management

Sugar provides tools to generate target lists based on your data segmentation. It allows you to build marketing campaigns, construct attractive emails, merge with customer data and schedule dispatch. Sugar will track who received the email, who opened it and who clicked on key links within the email body. It can even work out how much revenue the campaign generated.

Marketing Integration

For more advanced marketing needs, Sugar can integrate with popular third party marketing tools such as MailChimp™ and LeadForensics™. This ensures that all of your customer activity and engagement is stored in one central place and means that everyone from Marketing, Sales and Customer Services knows which channel and messages are resonating with the customer.



MailChimp Integration with Sugar by SugarCRM
Marketing Auomation with SugarCRM and Act-On

Complete Marketing Automation

For the most advanced marketing demands, Sugar can be integrated with best-of-breed Marketing Automation platforms such as Act-On. Ensure that all engagement across email, web and social is recorded and synchronised with the CRM. Leverage lead-scoring to automatically qualify prospects and drive sales-ready leads directly to the sales team.


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