Data Quality with Sugar

Data capture and quality rules ensure that your customer data is recorded accurately and at the most appropriate points in the business process. Sugar allows you to define your own data rules. Add your own custom fields in a wide variety of types. Use drop-down lists to record information consistently and enable simple reporting. Define inter-field dependencies and use calculated fields. Hide and show fields depending on where a customer is in your process.

Data Quality with Sugar by SugarCRM
Import and Export with Sugar by SugarCRM

Import and Export

Sugar lets you get up and running fast. The Import wizard guides you through importing information from spreadsheets whilst contacts can also be imported directly from your Outlook or Google contact lists. Choose to import new records or to update and refresh existing ones, complete with duplicate detection and applied quality rules.

Export features allow you to download the results of any search or the output of reports straight to Excel. Whilst the PDF manager allows customer information to be merged into PDF document templates.

Database Back-Up

Sugar is a mission critical system – so it is reassuring to know that your data is kept safe. Sugar differentiates itself from competing products with the level of back-up provided, even when running in the cloud in SugarCRM’s on-demand environment.

Database back-ups are just that – full, unmodified, complete, database back-ups. Unlike other solutions which will just provide you a set of spreadsheets, Sugar provides your complete data set, in MySQL format, with full referential integrity.

When running on-demand, your data is backed up nightly, and your subscription level will determine how frequently you can request back-ups. If running on-premise, you will be responsible for your own back-up.

If we’re hosting your solution on our own cloud, we offer an incredible level of continuity service with continual back-up allowing point-in-time restoration to within the last five minutes of operation!

Data Backup with Sugar by SugarCRM

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