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Remarkably, 82% of the customers that you lose will leave because they think that you do not care about them.

Sugar’s activity management features and configurable workflow processes ensure you keep on top of your customer’s individual needs.Automate follow-up call scheduling and personalised customer service communication. Sugar provides features right out-of-the-box to manage customer service issues and help drive customer satisfaction.


Of the customers you lose will leave because they think that you do not care about them.

Customer Service Management with Sugar by SugarCRM

Get On Top of Customer Service Issues

If you don’t know there’s an issue – you can’t fix it.

Sugar allows fast resolution of customer service issues. Support cases can be be raised through a variety of channels.

For example, inbound emails to “support@” type email addresses can automatically generate a support case and dispatch an acknowledgement to the customer. Social media integrations allow you to get ahead of the twitter storm.

Automate Customer Satisfaction

Sugar’s advanced workflow features can take care of routing customer service issues to the correct department and automatically escalating things if you’re in danger of breaching a service level. Rules can even be configured to update the customer on progress.

Automated Case Management with Sugar by SugarCRM
Customer Delight with SugarCRM


Delight Your Customers
Delight Your Team

Sugar can be integrated with leading solutions such as Zendesk™ or Live Chat™ and can be linked with your phone system for both click-to-dial and screen-pop automation. Sugar gives you the power to ensure that every member of your customer facing team delivers a great customer experience – every time.

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