Deploy Sugar Your Way

Only Sugar gives you so much choice over how you deploy the application. You can be up and running in a few hours by choosing our cloud deployment option, running Sugar as a full Software as a Service (SaaS) application. You’ll get ample storage space as part of your subscription.

Sugar can also be deployed on your own infrastructure, on a variety of server operating systems, running against a wide variety of database systems.

Alternately, our own high-performance hosting delivers exceptional service levels, tuned to your needs.

Importantly, you’re not locked into any of these strategies – you can change your hosting preference at any time and move from on-demand to on-premise or vice-versa at any time by raising a support request.

Cloud Computing and Storage with Sugar by SugarCRM

The quickest way to get up and running with Sugar. SugarCRM will host your solution for you in their EU based cloud. They’ll take care of applying updates and patches, and providing back-up and disaster recovery. The cost of hosting is included in your license subscription.


  • No additional hosting costs
  • Speedy deployment – you can be up and running within hours
  • SugarCRM will take care of upgrades and patches


  • “One-size-fits-all” hosting solution does not allow for individual performance tuning
  • No access to source code
  • Restrictions on the third-party modules and integrations you can apply
  • No control over how and when upgrades are applied
  • Storage restrictions apply
Ideal for taking complete control of your own solution. Sugar may be deployed on a range of server platforms, and will run against a variety of databases (see minimum requirements for details).


  • Take complete ownership of your solution
  • Full access to the solution source code
  • No restrictions on the integrations you can apply or third-party modules you can install
  • No storage restrictions
  • Control over how and when upgrades and patches are applied


  • Server set-up takes some technical knowledge
  • Hosting costs will apply
  • You will be responsible for your own back-up and disaster recovery procedures
  • You will be responsible for keeping the application on the upgrade path and applying upgrades and patches

With all of the benefits of both On-Demand and On-Premise, our partner hosting provides a flexible and affordable alternative.


  • We take care of server provision and solution installation
  • No restrictions on the integrations you can apply or third-party modules you can install
  • Full access to system source code, should you want it
  • Solution tuned and optimised to your needs
  • Control over how and when upgrades are applied
  • Back-up and disaster recovery provided as part of the service
  • No (within reason) storage limits


  • Hosting fees apply

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