Great Value

The low total cost of ownership ensures that every one of your customer facing team can benefit from Sugar whilst you gain a rapid Return on Investment.

Deploy Your Way

Deploy Sugar your way – available cloud hosted on-demand under a full Software as a Service model or on-premise on your own internal IT infrastructure.

Stay Flexible

Personalise, configure and customise Sugar to suit your business – add custom fields, change screen layouts, design your own dashboards.

Access Anywhere

Access your customer information wherever you are – from the office, from home or on the road via dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

SugarCRM’s Award Winning Product Helps Fuel Your Sales and Marketing Engine

Sales - Sugar by SugarCRM


From initial lead, through to won contract, your Sales team will be able to work deals more effectively with Sugar.

Whether they are in the office or on the road, Sugar ensures that the sales person has access to all of the information and tools that they need to quickly qualify the opportunity, efficiently manage their sales activity, easily produce quotes and to report against forecast.

1.5 million people are using Sugar to help drive business growth.

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Drive engagement within segmented areas of your audience using highly targeted email campaigns.

Sugar helps your marketing team understand your customers, reach their audience, track engagement and nurture your prospects until they are sales ready.


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Marketing - Sugar by SugarCRM
Service and Support - Sugar by SugarCRM

Service and Support

Knowing your customer is key to delivering great service. Sugar ensures that all of the information your service and support teams need is available on one page. It ensures they know who last contacted the customer, what was discussed, what products the customer has bought and their life-time value.

Sugar helps increase retention and reduce churn.

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Workflow Automation

Increase operational efficiency and consistency by automating common processes. Sugar’s advanced workflow tools allow your unique business processes to be mapped and automated.

Automate lead assignment, account management handover, streamline complex business processes, trigger automated customer communication and more.



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Workflow Automation - Sugar by SugarCRM
Mobile - Sugar by SugarCRM


Sugar lets you work smart and work anywhere. With dedicated apps for iOS and Android devices, Sugar ensures that you have up-to-date information wherever you are. Log calls directly to the Sugar, use built in mapping to get you to the customer’s office for that important meeting and then write up the outcome whilst on the train home.

Sugar fully supports your field staff.

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Reporting and Analytics

Manage, Measure & Forecast, with user definable dashboard KPIs,  sales funnels, opportunity forecasting against target, marketing campaign metrics, user definable reports and even advanced SQL based reporting.

Sugar allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of the business.

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Reporting & Analytics - Sugar by SugarCRM
Platform - Sugar by SugarCRM


Adapt the solution to your business – Sugar provides a complete platform, enabling you to configure the application to suit your unique business. Add your own fields, change the screen layouts, set up user based roles and access controls. Sugar provides the flexibility to define your own CRM solution.


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A whole ecosystem of third party developers are publishing apps to provide additional features and increase the range of systems with which Sugar can communicate.
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Integration - Sugar by SugarCRM
Internationalisation - Sugar by SugarCRM


With support for multiple concurrent currencies,  an interface that supports 33 languages, and support for various time-zone, date and currency formats, Sugar can support your whole enterprise world-wide.


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Keep your customer data safe – whether deployed in the cloud or on your own infrastructure, accessed via the browser or via a mobile app, SugarCRM recognises that data security is paramount.

Sugar keeps your data safe through multiple levels of security and ensures that users only have access to the information they need.



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Security - Sugar by SugarCRM
Data Management and Backup - Sugar by SugarCRM

Data Management and Backup


Data capture and quality rules ensure that your customer data is recorded accurately and at the most appropriate points in the business process. Import and Export features ensure that you can easily transfer information into and out of the solution. Full relational database backups are available when you ask for them.



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Cloud Computing and Storage

Only Sugar gives you so much choice over how you deploy the application.

You can be up and running in a few hours by choosing our cloud deployment option, running Sugar as a full Software as a Service (SaaS) application. You’ll get ample storage space as part of your subscription.

Sugar can also be deployed on your own infrastructure, on a variety of server operating systems, running against a wide variety of database systems.

Alternately, our own high-performance hosting delivers exceptional service levels, tuned to your needs.


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Cloud Computing and Storage - Sugar by SugarCRM
Minimum Requirements - Sugar by SugarCRM

Minimum Requirements


All you really need is an internet connected browser or a smart phone. Sugar is built using the latest web technologies to ensure fast and responsive compatibility with most devices.

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