Sugar Jumpstart

Delivered via a series of sessions, we work with you to define your objectives, configure Sugar, import your data, and get you ready to start work. You get to see how we set it up so you gain familiarity with the admin tools as we go. You can be up and running in a couple of days with a fully configured instance, with your segmentation, your data, and your processes all in place.

 Overview and Objectives

The first session covers the some important background information:

  • What it takes to be successful with your CRM;
  • Implementation (user adoption);
  • How Sugar is used to track customer information;
  • Concepts: Personalisation, Configuration, Customisation;
  • Tour of Sugar;
  • How to prepare for your Discovery Session.

Discovery session

During the discovery session, we’ll get to know your business:

  • Review your overall business and CRM objectives;
  • Determine basic set-up requirements;
  • Identify the content/scope of your three working sessions.

Three Working Sessions

Lasting approximately two hours each (a total of six hours) the TSR Consultant will coach you through how to use and administer SugarCRM as well as explaining best practices for software set-up.

Topics discussed may include the following:

  • Setting up users, teams and roles;
  • Email setup;
  • Guided import;
  • Creating fields and changing layouts in Studio;
  • Using Module Builder;
  • Managing workflows;
  • Creating basic reports.


The final part of the Jumpstart package covers package wrap-up, Resources and Next Steps and will provide you with the following;

  • Summary of work completed;
  • Recommendations to achieve future objectives;
  • Helpful links, contacts, and resources.

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