Other Support Options

Our General User Support is ideal for general enquiries on how to use Sugar. However, for more advanced needs we offer additional levels of support.

Our Call-Off Support provides technical assistance whenever you need it. You pre-buy a bank of hours and these are debited as they are consumed. You can leverage our support team to do anything related to your Sugar instance, including taking care of further customisation.

For Enterprise scale clients, we also offer retained support services. You will receive a dedicated, named, Technical Account Manager and Technical Developer Resource. Regular site visits are performed to discuss any issues or future requirements and you will receive our highest level of support.


Our Service Level Agreement provides:

  • P1 – 1 hour response, 2 hour action
  • P2 – 4 hour response, 8 hour action
  • P3 – 4 hour response, 16 hour action
  • “P1” implies a “system outage”
  • “P2” implies “system negatively impacted”
  • “P3” implies “low priority”

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this level of support cover?

In a word, anything. If you ask us to do it, and it can be done, we’ll do it. This can include general guidance, system administration, creation of reports, further customisation, export, import – you name it.

What does this level of support exclude?

If you also have general user support, any questions which can be considered “How do I…?” would be covered by General User Support and so covered by that policy.

Most other tasks are covered, with the exception of:

  • Managing your server if you are self-hosted
  • Maintenance of third party plug-ins
Do I have to channel support requests through one team member?

No, any member of your team may raise an issue with our Support team.

What ticket management system do you use?

Sugar, of course!

With fully automated workflow to keep you updated on the status of your issue.

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