Cost Effective End-User Support

Aimed at customers who want to enable any of their team to be able to talk to someone (by phone, email or case portal) for general help and advice with using SugarCRM.

Our team know about your business and know about the customisations that you rely on.

Our Service Level Agreement provides:

  • P1 – 1 hour response, 2 hour action
  • P2 – 4 hour response, 8 hour action
  • P3 – 4 hour response, 16 hour action
  • “P1” implies a “system outage”
  • “P2” implies “system negatively impacted”
  • “P3” implies “low priority”

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this level of support cover?

If a query begins with the words “How do I….?” then it’s covered.

What does this level of support exclude?

Basically, any query that includes the words “Can you do…. …for me?”

Do I have to channel support requests through one team member?

No, any member of your team can raise an issue.

What ticket management system do you use?

Sugar, of course!

With fully automated workflow to keep you updated on the status of your issue.

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