9 Steps to a Simple, Effective and Affordable CRM strategy for Small Business

Customer Relationship Management Strategy…
…A simple, effective and affordable approach.

About the White Paper

Some people believe that just buying software will be all that you need to change your world. Indeed, a lot of marketing bucks have been spent by the big software vendors to convince you of this fact. In our opinion though, however good that software is, unless you have a proper plan in place you will run the inevitable risk of getting lost.

There are two very straight forward but hugely important components to get into place as part of your definition of a well-rounded CRM strategy:

  • What relationship does your customer actually have with you?
  • How do you nurture that relationship from start to finish?

Those may not sound like earth shattering ideas but we believe that they are the fundamental foundations of CRM. Businesses often don’t take the time to think these through. Understand these two components and you will find that the tactics that you need, both in terms of business process and CRM tool set implementation, will fall into place much more easily.

Fortunately, although your business model may be unique, the actual journey that your customer will go through, in terms of recognising a need for a product or service, finding someone who can supply it, evaluating the offerings available and choosing to buy from you over someone else, is often very similar.

In this 27 page e-book, we cover a simple way of planning a CRM strategy, and even provide an example. We also look at how you move from tactics to action and look at the benefits of a best-of-breed CRM solution. Finally, we explain the costs – which, if you follow our methodology, are probably much less than you’d think.

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