Fuel Your Sales Engine With Sugar

Ten simple ways Sugar can rev up your Sales and Marketing.

About the White Paper

Whether you’re a start-up working through your very first business plan or a scale-up looking to hit ambitious targets in next year’s sales and marketing objectives, one thing is clear – when it comes to making sales happen, “planning” and “executing” are two very different things.

In fact, 42% of companies report that less than half of their sales people hit target.  Think about it, without a powerful, efficient and durable “Sales Engine” are you really going to be able to rapidly record, nurture, qualify and manage your leads? Or are you more likely to end up squandering your sales opportunities because you can’t efficiently push them through your sales funnel? Will you reach and exceed your planned sales?

This White Paper explore the benefits of Sugar in detail. Learn how it helps you:

  • React quicker to new enquiries
  • Easily segment  and nurture your customers and prospects
  • Gain insight into your business
  • Work efficiently when on-the-road
  • Configure the application to your unique business processes
  • Benefit from a great user experience
  • Increase customer retention and reduce churn
  • Integrate with your back-office systems
  • Take advantage of a large ecosystem of partners and third-party add-on suppliers
  • Gain from a low total cost of ownership

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