Effortless Click-to-Dial

Callinize click to dial works on any phone number stored in Sugar. All pertinent information is pulled into the Callinize panel. While the phone’s ringing, productively review your previous history with the contact.

Recognise Your Callers

The Callinize popup tells you who it is and what you talked about last.


Callinize pulls all of your latest customer emails from Sugar. You instantly know what the last customer conversation was and can begin where you left off.


It retrieves your latest phone calls both inbound and outbound. It also tells you who on your team made the call. So you will know exactly who talked to the customer or lead last and what they discussed.



Take notes while you talk. Natural language processing automatically detects key phrases such as “Followup next week” and creates the task for you in Sugar. Never forget to log a call again!

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