Six Ways to Increase CRM Adoption – Step 6 – Measure, Review and Improve

As with all business programmes of change, measure your KPIs (key performance indicators) regularly, review your initial assertions and objectives and realign your business goals as required.

The KPIs for user adoption may vary from company to company. Some KPIs may focus on CRM usage (the number of user log-ins, the number of records entered/modified, and the total time spent in CRM, how old/obsolete data is). Other KPIs may relate more directly to departmental goals of sales, marketing, and customer support.

If you regularly review performance, canvas and discuss possible improvements with the super users and liaise closely with your supplier, you should be able to head-off or address any adoption issues early.

Keep an eye open for early wins that resulted from the use of CRM. Look for the eager adopters within the sales team, and watch their wins. When a sales person can point at a sale and describe how the CRM helped get him or her get closer to that deal, take notes and make sure that everyone on your sales team hears about it. Whenever CRM can be shown to have contributed to a closed sale, contributed to better understanding the ideal customer, helped drive a marketing campaign, helped increase customer satisfaction make sure it is promoted.

The goal here is to back up your assertions of how useful CRM is to those using it on a daily basis with results that point out that it’s useful not just for generating reports for management but really can help end users smash their targets.

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