Six Ways to Increase CRM Adoption – Part 5 – Develop Clear “Rules of Engagement” and Lead by Example

Rules of Engagement

Consider putting together a short “Rules of Engagement” document that describes things such as

  • What should (and shouldn’t go into the CRM)
  • How new contacts are to be added
  • Minimal data entry expectations
  • Naming conventions for things such as Opportunities, meetings, call records, uploaded documents etc. (as this can greatly ease searching for them later).

Also try to ensure that key processes such as those of lead and opportunity management are standardised and transparent. Make sure everyone involved in the sales cycle is able to check the stages of the process.

Lead by Example

Of course you should get your executives to commit to CRM around a common set of goals and objectives and a mutually agreed upon timeline. But you should also get them to commit to using it themselves – after all, they do also meet people, pick up business cards, receive emails. Those contacts should go into the CRM, as should the history. Nothing is worse for the sales person than to make a call to what they think is a cold prospect only to find that the person had dinner with the CEO last week!

Usually, when I suggest to the exec team that they should also be using the system, not just for pulling reports, but also for entering contacts and history, I’m met with a singular response – “Oh, no, I don’t have time to do that!” Well, if the exec team don’t have time, the sales people sure don’t.

But more importantly, if the exec team are seen to be using it then the rest of the business will have to. You can’t ignore a task or note that has been assigned by the CEO. You can’t miss a prospect record that an exec has entered and passed on to you to follow up.

At the very least, make sure the PA’s know how to use the system on behalf of the exec team members that they represent.

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