Six Ways to Increase CRM Adoption – Part 4 – Employ Positive Motivators

Positive motivations, such as examples of how the CRM has contributed to a success, tend to be more successful than punitive motivations.

For example, making CRM use into a monthly competition between sales people—in which consistent users are rewarded with a prize at the end of a sales period—can be an effective motivator. Identify and reward your strongest adopters. Review how your employees have used CRM during performance reviews. Announce and acknowledge the strongest adopters within the company and promote how they follow best practices.

Introducing sales enablement technologies for alerting, lead management, enrichment of data and other functions can be a motivator if those technologies use CRM data to give sales people a leg up in selling.

Negative or punitive motivations, such as reducing commissions on sales that weren’t tracked through CRM, can sometimes be effective (and in some regulatory controlled industries may be necessary) but they do tend to reinforce the perception of CRM as a tracking tool for management.

Ultimately, a mixture of carrots and sticks may be needed to drive adoption, but do try to lean toward the carrot side of the equation in order to maintain staff effectiveness.
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